Saturday, 18 August 2012

Random Memories

I have no new recipe today...just an old memory. 

Spent a lovely morning with my mummy today. It's rare that we spend much time with each other now. The busyiness of life has just naturally taken over and we don't do the things that we used to. We used to go food shopping about once a week, and actually walk down the aisles. Now we usually buy bits and bobs here and there when we pass by the most convinient shop. We used to cook more 'special' food together; I remember living in Cottingham and we would make pizza from scratch.

So, today was good. We chilled out and browsed around the shops and made our way to ASDA. I love ASDA in general. But today I was so excited. Honestly, out came the camera and everything suddenly became amazing to me! There are so many different products that I never knew about. I came across these frozen 'Chinese Style Pork Ribsteaks'. Oh my goodness. That really brings me back to my childhood. I have no idea when I ate it, how often or what,...I just remember the strong smell, the reddy colour, the spongey texture and I think that my mum got it from Iceland. I don't even know whether we had it when we were living in Coventry or Nottingham. It's so amazing.

When we got home, we made sushi, like the old times. Mum is so much better at rolling and cutting the sushi than I am. I just love eating the leftover end pieces!

 Before being cut up

 The favourite!

 The finished product...filled with cucumber, egg, crabstick and dried tuna

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon giving the sushi to random people, accompanied with a pot of soy sauce!! So much fun!

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