Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Lobster isn't one of my favourite foods. In fact, I so rarely eat it that I wouldn't even recognise the taste. I am pretty lazy, don't like to get my hands dirty and don't really understand how to get the meat out. However, it is a delicacy and is still pretty much considered to be something special.  I guess it's more commonly eaten at special occassions or celebrations, usually at the restaurant. It's one of my brother's favourite things to eat.

Us Hong Kongers LOVE it, because we can get it so fresh. So fresh that it moves. You see them swimming around in densely populated tanks in the outdoor street markets as well as normal supermarkets; waiting to be picked, taken home, cooked and eaten. They greet you when you enter a seafood restaurant, through giant glass tanks; again waiting till the day comes for them to be picked.  Lobster tastes good stir-fried with chilli, ginger, and spring onion, served ontop of a bed of noodles. It's a must for a proper banquet feast

I had never cooked lobster before during my many years of cooking...until this week; I had the priviledge of attempting it on two occassions. I was so blessed to be randomly given 5 live lobsters altogether by two different people. It's so touching that someone would give me such a rare treat. HOWEVER, I had absolutely no idea how to prepare, kill, cook or eat the live animals. One minute they were blue and moving in the kitchen sink, 15 minutes later they were bright orange and chopped up on a plate ready to be devoured. So very weird.

Strangely enough, this experience made me really thankful; thankful that I have caring people around me, thankful that I had a reminder that God is looking after me. God really is good!

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