Friday, 1 June 2012

No new recipes yet

Ok. So, I'm doing a boring blog with no photos today because I've had no time to add to my recipe collection.

Been thinking about what food reminds me of home. But am quite stuck. I have a bad memory. I literally have no recollection of what we used to eat at home. I guess it didn't really matter back then. Food was only food. A neccesity. Embarrassingly, I remember that we sometimes used to go to Rebecca and Bethan's house after school because my parents were busy. We watched TV, played games, chatted and we used to eat there. The best thing that we had was 'Auntie Kum Kews Fabulous Chocolate Sauce'. It was a bit like a hot chocolate pudding, with the consistency of Angel Delight. It was always served in one of those 'wooden' style bowls...with a scoop of ice-cream. It was the best.

But, I do remember baking fairy cakes when I was young. I used to make the cake mix by myself and put it into the cupcake tin and then mum would put them in the oven. I remember that I used to make the same cheese spread sandwiches every morning for my lunchbox. There was a time when 'jelly eggs' were popular and we would make jelly and pour them into egg shaped jelly moulds.That was so random when I think back on it.

When we went back to Hong Kong for a year, I remember getting 'paper-wrapped cake' fresh from the bakery opposite, or 'soya sauce king noodles' and 'cheung fun' from the market.One of my earliest recollections of cooking is frying slices of egg tofu in that tiny kitchen in HK that could only fit one person.

I attended Cottingham High School for a short while, where I had cooking lessons. I loved it. Every week we would learn a new recipe. Cook it and then take it home. On one day, I took home a proper lemon meringue pie. It was amazing. From that time, I recall starting to cook with my mum. We went through a phrase of making pizza. From scratch. Did we have a lot time to kill? I don't think that we would do that again: it's way too easy to pick up the phone and call for a delivery.

So, since then, the food at home has been more or less cooked by mum and, unfortunately, me as well. We have a common way of cooking and will think of the same things to cook when we delve into the fridge. We don't go for anything fancy or strive for gourmet food like Heston,...just simple boiled rice, meat and veggies is good enough for us!

Therefore, in conclusion to the question in asking, what food reminds me of home? I'm still not sure and unable to come up anything just yet. The search is still on.....

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