Thursday, 7 June 2012

Esther's 'Sweetcorn Soup'

 Miri, Malaysia

This is a classic Chinese soup that is both light, refreshing and tasty. This version has been carefully prepared using homemade chicken stock and shredded chicken pieces. When the creamed sweetcorn soup is heated, beaten egg is swirled into the hot mixture to create another dimension and thickness to the soup. After seasoning with salt and white pepper (from Malaysia), the dish is ready to be enjoyed.

Sweetcorn soup is a close reminder of Esther's father who used to always make it for the family. However, this method bears a closer resemblance to her grandma's soup as she always used creamed sweetcorn while her dad preferred using whole sweetcorn kernels. The resulting taste is the same, but gives a completely different texture. The chicken can be substituted with different meat or vegetables and goes especially well with fresh coriander.

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