Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cream Soda

I don't ever think that I have drank this in the UK. In fact, I think that most people have never tried it.

But, it reminds me of my grandad. I remember when we used to go back to HK to visit for the summer, or the year when we lived in HK. We would go to visit my grandparents every week, usually for a family dinner. Used to hate having to climb the stairs up to the 6th floor. The stairs would seem never ending, but you would recognise the flats on the floor below and when you got there, you knew that you were nearly there. 

HK is pretty hot most of time, especially after running up quite a number of steps. So, after finally reaching the flat, I remember the almost instant hit of cool air coming from the air conditioning, especially when you stood in front of it for a few moments. My grandma always had some Chinese soup out ready for us on the table. My grandad always had a stash of cream soda. The other thing that I remember my grandad buying was those small pots of ice cream thats just right for one, or the Dreyers rocky road tub. Occassionally, he would make some jelly as well.

Sigh, Hong Kong. Hong Kong. You seem so far away.

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