Monday, 12 November 2012


What an amazing onomatopoeia.

I remember that the only time that I've really had this was in Hong Kong. They used to sell it in the small shop at school; United Christian College. My friend and I loved it and we would go and buy a bar occassionally! I love the way how it's crispy and crunchy and slighty chewy at the same time!

The lunch provision at school was quite strange. There was no cafeteria; only the small shop that sold snacks and simple things such as instant noodles and fishballs. I remember seeing people buy a bowl of noodles; it was literally a bowl for the noodles and hot water poured over. Lovely! Needless to say, I never bought that!

I was only in Form 1 (year 7) so we were not allowed out during lunchtime, not even out of the classroom. I remember that, for a while, I would bring my own hot lunch. You could get these special Thermos flasks with different compartments to keep the rice separate from the meat and vegetables. My mum would cook a bit more dinner the night before or would make something simple in the morning for my lunch. Thinking back, I think that I just wanted to copy my friend because she had a really cool thermos. But, the one thing that I learnt from that experience was that I learnt how to hold the chopsticks PROPERLY! That's stuck with me till now, and I'm really greateful for that! The other alternative was to order a 'ricebox'. These boxes would be brought to the classroom every lunchtime and distributed to everyone. They were disgusting. Then afterwards two people had to take the bag of rubbish away to the bins. Nevertheless, I survived that year. The summer term wasn't that bad. We only had to go to school for half-day, so lunch wasn't a issue!  

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